Thursday, July 26, 2007

A New Computer, A Finished Sock, and Lizards Online

It's a good thing blogs are more for journaling and less of an actual news article or an actual web site for a business or some such, because at nearly 1am I'm not very coherent.

So why blog at 1 am you ask? Insomnia, I reply. Some nights I can't even get to sleep until 3 or 4. Which is a right pain in the arse when you have to be up by 8 to go to work. At least tomorrow I have the day off.

Other than the time it's a fabulous day. My new computer just came in. It has a nice big flat screen monitor and is somewhat faster than the hand-me-down computer I was using. Which I imediately handed down to my son James. I put together this one. He had to haul the old one into his room and set it up his own self.

I started a new sock in Tofutsies. Now that I look at it it doesn't actually say the name of the color on the ball, but it's 'Three Feet Short'. I'm doing this one for Great Yarns too.

The coolest thing about Great Yarns..... My Lizard pattern is up on the website! Isn't he darling.

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