Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Ready For Hollows

If you've never been to the AntiCraft, you should go. The new Samhain issue is up and while it only has one knit project his time it's a cool one. I mean who wouldn't want a scull project bag with a zippered pouch in the mouth. I'm going to make one. Complete with daisies growing out of the head and all.

The big thing I need to get done before Hallween is for my son James. He wants felted shrunken heads. Yes, more than one, in different colors. I got the pattern from, you guessed it, an issue of the AntiCraft. It's the Tsantsa pattern from the Beltane 2007 issue. If I knit fast I can get 3-4 of them done in time. Of course he will tie them to his backpack and carry them around all year. He's 16, I would expect nothing less.

Here are pictures from the pattern. Next week I'll put up pics of the finished heads I've done.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lots of socks - a cure for chronic depression?

So, I haven't blogged in a while. I'm sure I've been kicked off the Knitblogs netring by now, which makes me a dufus of the first degree.

So I knit some socks. 6 or 8 pairs of socks. Started a shawl, knit 4 bags, a sweater, a fish, 10 wash clothes, half a glove and got a 3 legged dog.

I now have warm feet, a warm husband (see above sweater), and my Mom has a ton of bags and uses the washrags as doilies because they are "to pretty".
So I'm starting over.

Knitting socks may not be the way to a healthy mind but it sure is nice to have warm feet.