Thursday, July 12, 2007


I spent almost three blissful hours in my local yarn shop today. They have AC, my apartment does not. And even though it did not reach the, oh my Gods, 99 degrees F it got up to yesterday it was still toasty.

In case I haven't (bragged) mentioned it, Great Yarns is carrying my Little Lizard pattern. Pretty soon the patterns will be available on the website, and I'm doing up a pattern for poison dart frogs.

The first froggy ended up pudgy, with a square butt. Here's a picture before felting. I don't have one for after because that's when the hoodlums I call my children broke my camera. OK, I call my cats hoodlums too, I just like the word hoodlum. While I was basking in the AC I got out the fat frog to show Fontelle my progress. She thought it was cute. And then one of the regulars, yarn shops always have regulars, came in with her nephew and we gave him the frog as a distraction. It went strait into his mouth. I love it. That is the ultimate stamp of toy approval so far as I'm concerned. It's just not a successful toy unless it's played with.
While everyboby was going about helping folks and restocking and calling suppliers and all the stuff that keeps us yarn addicts in wool, I sat down to knit. As I had the frog on my mind I knit frog parts. I made three legs and half the body. I think I've gotten the reshaping on the body figured out too. Yeah.
It must be the wool fumes. It was the most relaxing afternoon I'd had in a long time. I love spending time with other knitters.

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