Monday, July 9, 2007

Web surfing and site collecting

This is me and my cat Crystal. She thinks that laying on me while I'm knitting socks is just too funny. She's a Turkish Angora, but we like to call her 'Bitch Kitty'. She's not real fond of the other cats.

There are four cats in my house. Sentry is the black and white medium haired one who likes to sleep on felted bags. Pixel is the huge orange striped one who likes to sleep and walk over me while I'm knitting anything other than socks. Bug-a-boo is the black one. Pixel and Crystal came to us from the Humane Society as adults. Sentry and Bug-a-boo were part of a set of five kittens we rescued, fostered, fixed and redistributed. I am a huge supporter of fixing cats, and adopting from shelters. The kittens we saved are the first kittens I've ever had, and if the stupid people next door had ever heard of a vet or fixing their boy I wouldn't have had them at all. The mom of the kittens died, we found them at barely four weeks old in our parking lot. My daughter Ryan, the Girl Scout, trapped them and brought them in the house. The poor babies were just able to eat wet kitten food. Now they almost one year old yarn theives, who like to wind wool all around the dining room table.

Tomorrow is going to be a very hot day and today was no peach either. So I haven't been doing as much knitting as usual, which is a pity, but I have been checking out my friend Shelley's blog. She has the most amazing list of links to craft blogs, it's not comprehensive but it is worth hours of cheap entertainment. When I'm done with this post I'm going to go and flesh out my hot list.

I love my cats.

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