Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Totoro Invades Family Gathering

The Totoro I made for Ryan was extremely popular on Sunday when my Mom came over for her birthday. She brought my sisters, Quinn and Keelin.

Quinn is five and fairly large for her age. She loved carrying Totoro around and using him as a pillow on the couch while she watched Pokeman.

Keelin is only three months old and didn't know what to make of Totoro. He's bigger than her and her car seat combined.
Jarret, my son, kept trying to steal the big guy from either Ryan or Quinn, who ever had him last. And, no, Jarret is not trying to eat Totoro's ear. He's kissing him. Twelve year olds automatically look goofy when kissing stuffies.

The kids had a good time playing with him and running around. It's always so cool to make something for the kids that they actually like!

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Em Sa said...

Very impressive. Would love to copy it. Whre can i find a pattern? Thanks and congrats for the result!!!