Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Should Listen To My Mother

Over the years my Mom has given me some very valuable advise, which I have promptly forgotten or ignored, and taught me some fabulous life lessons, sometimes on accident. I love my Mom, and in honor of Mother's Day, and as an apology for having to raise me, I dedicate this post to her. Gods help us all.

Things my Mom taught me:

1. Be kind to your younger cousins, because they are bigger than you and there are a lot more of them than you and some day hiding behind the barn won't work.

2. When your Mom says "Are you sure you want to marry that guy?" for the tenth time you should start listening.

3. Cleaning relieves stress. A spotless house is not always a sign of domestic tranquility.

4. No art on the walls is just wrong. It means they haven't unpacked yet or are mentally disturbed.

5. Hand made quilts are better than any other kind of bedding. Even when they're ugly they are made with love, and we love the ladies that made them, every single one.

6. Finish what you start. Even knitting projects that went terribly terribly wrong some where.

7. Home cooking is fulfilling and cost effective. Making tons of food makes you happy and even if you don't eat it you can fill your freezer with leftovers and never buy a TV dinner again.

8. You don't always have to organize all your books and music and movies alphabetically but if you're that OCD and it makes you feel better then go on ahead and do it.... (It does make me feel better so thank you.)

So here's to Mom and my sisters, and my daughter,and the Grandmas who aren't with us any more. I wish they could all be here to share a cuppa and some coffee cake.

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Leohat said...

1) I think I have younger cousins. I have no idea who or where they are.

2) 10th guy or 10th time?

3) A clean house is a place of EEEVVILLL

4) I'll take mentally disturbed please.

5) Guilty as charged

6) "It's alive. IT'S ALIVE!" - Dr. Frankinstein

7) "Food should not hurt" - Frank Gimeniez

8) "Chaos is good. Chaos works." Gorden Gekco.