Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So this is my life...

After the Holidays I had to move. And then I got pneumonia. And then I had to move while I had pneumonia. From this I learned 2 really amazing things. Hiring movers is very smart. Not having health insurance is very scary when you have a life threatening illness.

Did I mention that I had to pack my whole house, that's husband, 3 kids and 4 cats, unpack my whole house and coordinate the move with pneumonia!

I love my husband but he so screwed the pooch on helping with the move. I still have boxes of stuff in the garage, and I'm the kind of person who as everything unpacked and put away in less than a week. Two weeks at the most. The thing they don't tell you about pneumonia is it takes forever to get better. Even after the antibiotics are done it was still 2 weeks before stairs weren't a big obstacle.

While I was sick I knit socks.
One pair of ankle socks in Collinette Jitterbug - Tapis. Which reaffirms why I love Jitterbug.

I also read.

And then I went back to work and have been running ever since. Which is still not a very good excuse to stop blogging but there it is.

Bowling birthday party's have also become very popular with the 8 year old set. I started a new sock pattern (I write patterns in my spare time. Stop that laughing!) and the whole experience was so novel that I have to take some sock pictures of it.

Then it all goes Disco.

At least my cats like my new room.

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