Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I've lost a pattern...

Well and truly lost it.

I'm almost done with this great bag. It's cotton with one of those mesh patterns in the main body that looks and sounds complex, but after repeating the two rounds once you've got it and don't need to carry the whole pattern around with you anymore. Especially after the 52 rounds of mesh knitting. Then at the top you do a few more rounds of garter stitch, some decreases and the handle.

Which is all fine up until the point where you go looking for the pattern and it's not on your clip board where you left it. Nore is it in the work basket where you left the clipboard, or the chase lounge where the basket lives, or under the chase on the floor. So I went looking. Let me list the places it was not found. It was not in the stash, not under the bed in one of the three boxes of yarn, in the yarn cupboard, in the basket by the couch, or any of the boxes in the closet. It was not under the couch, I moved it out, twice. It was not with my knitting books, pattern binders or magazines, I even moved the bookcase and realphabetized everything. It was not in any of my work bags, I have two under the vanity, one by the couch, one shoved in the yarn cupboard, a work basket in my room and I have knitting in my purse, just in case.

The sucker was gone. I even looked in the truck of my car. Found my daughter Girl Scout Handbook, no pattern.

So I looked online. I got the pattern out of the Spring 2007 issue of Knitscene. They do not have their patterns on the web. But they do have some very nice pictures, and pattern corrections. Come to find out that the pattern I had pulled out of the magazine was wrong any way.

And being the sort of person I am, after tearing apart my house looking for the dumb thing, I gave in to total impatience and faked it. I finished the bag up this morning sans pattern and it looks fabulous.

Now all I need to do is buy a new cable for my camera so I can put up pictures of it.... :)

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